How To Master Your Listing Presentations

How To Master Your Listing Presentations

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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How to master your listing

Sellers have several options when it comes to listing their homes for sale. If you want them to choose you to represent them, you’ll need to make a great impression. To demonstrate your level of expertise, it’s worth the effort to master your listing presentation strategy before the big day.

1. Introduce yourself

Every meeting starts with an introduction. Keep in mind first impressions matter—so be sure to get this part right—and remember to smile. Be prepared to share your credentials, previous successes, and any other pertinent information demonstrating why you’re the right person to list their home.

2. Know the listing

Make sure you’ve researched everything possible about the property—be sure to go beyond surface-level information. If you haven’t done the homework, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Also, prepare to bring your completed comparative market analysis (CMA).

3. Walk through the selling process

Share with the seller a clear timeline so they know what to expect. Much will depend upon current market conditions, so be prepared to explain any circumstances that might impact the time it’ll take from listing to sale. During the presentation, bring charts, figures, graphs, slide decks, and anything else to help explain the selling process.

4. Explain pricing strategy

To have a quick and successful sale, you’ll need to help your client list the home’s correct price point. Explain to the seller how you plan to come up with a number and why it’s important not to go above market value.

5. Explain prelisting steps

As you know, before a home is officially on the market there are numerous steps to take. Clarify the process so sellers understand their home won’t be listed tomorrow but that the marketing process (e.g. photos, staging) can start immediately.

6. Explain marketing strategy

If you want a seller to choose you, explain your marketing strategy in detail. Include any syndication, local marketing, and online publicizing—share standout techniques you use that make you stand out and why you can do them better than others.

7. Give an overview of the contract to close

Clients feel more comfortable when they know what to expect, so describe in detail how you’ll stand with them through the entire process, from pre-listing to closing (and beyond). This also helps them better understand the selling timeline..

8. Ask about needs and motivation

You want to build a mutually trusting relationship with clients. Talk to them about why they’re selling their home and ask what their future plans are—understanding their needs and motivations will help you better serve them.

9. Dress for success

Again, first impressions matter. Depending on your market, how you dress might vary, but generally, business casual is probably appropriate.

10. Leverage the power of reviews

If you have testimonials or online reviews from previous clients, bring them to the listing presentation. People are more inclined to trust others who have experienced success with their agents.

A listing presentation can be likened to a job interview because essentially it is. Also, be sure to ask plenty of questions—and be prepared to answer questions the seller will have for you. At the end of your presentation, thank them for their time.

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