An interview with a former ADHI student

Published by admin on October 20,2008

Nicole Lindler is a 23 year old graduate of ADHI Schools. Here is a little bit of our interview for this blog:

Q: How did you hear about our program?

A: I got referred by a friend who also took the classes at ADHI Schools who said the instruction was great!

Q: Why did you want to get a real estate license?

A: I've always had an interest in real estate. My parents are big investors... It's always been a passion of mine and something I'm interested in.

Q: What did you do before you took the classes?

A: I was a student at USC majoring in marketing and English. I recently graduated.

Q: What are your plans with your license?

A: I want to sell real estate in West Los Angeles, a very selective market. I have set a couple of personal goals for myself that I would like to reach.

Q: How many times did you have to take the state exam before you passed.

A: LAUGHS... Just one of course!

Q: Any advice for a new student or someone thinking of registering?

A: There's no time like the present. Anyone can be successful in real estate if you are motivated and just get started!