Current processing timeframes at the California Department of Real Estate

Published by admin on November 12,2008

I know... I know... Most of you can't wait to get a test date. When you do get a test date, you can't wait to take the test itself. After you take the test, you can't wait to find out your results. Once you find out you passed, you can't wait for your actual license... You get the idea. It's human nature to want to speed things up.

The California Department of Real Estate periodically puts out "Current processing timeframes" for various business that we conduct with the DRE.

Here's the latest from their website for examinees:

As of November 3, 2008 they are working on examination applications received October 20, 2008. Not bad, only a couple week delay! In 2004-2006 things moved much slower!

If you applied for your license itself, they are currently working on license applications received on October 21.

Good luck, be patient and study hard!

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