Getting your brokers license in California

Published by admin on September 29,2009

This is it. The end all be all how-to-guide for applying for your brokers license in California.

First of all, in order to become a broker in California, you need to fulfill two requirements:

An experience requirement


An educational requirement

Let’s start with the experience requirement. There are five ways to qualify to take the brokers examination in California:

1. Two years of full time sales experience in real estate. You use this form to verify your experience. If you were not licensed, but were still in the real estate industry ie escrow officer, loan officer with a CFL/DOC company you will need a different form in order to prove your experience. It’s up to the DRE whether or not they will count this experience.
2. No full-time sales experience in real estate, but you have a bachelors degree or better with a major or minor in real estate.
3. You have a J.D. degree.
4. You are a member of the California bar.

An educational requirement.

Now this educational requirement is going to vary depending on which of the above you have. If you are qualifying based on either numbers 1 or 2 above you need to take eight college level classes in real estate. The classes are as follows:

* Real Estate Practice; and
* Legal Aspects of Real Estate; and
* Real Estate Finance; and
* Real Estate Appraisal; and
* Real Estate Economics or Accounting; and
* Three* courses from the following list
o Real Estate Principles
o Business Law
o Property Management
o Escrow
o Real Estate Office Administration
o Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending
o Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate
o Advanced Real Estate Finance
o Advanced Real Estate Appraisal
o Computer Applications in Real Estate
o Common Interest Developments

*If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting are taken, only two courses from the above group are required.

The cool thing about the classes above is that if you have a degree in business, you have probably taken a lot of those classes anyway! You can call our office or send us an email if you want us to do a cursory look-over of your transcript.

If you have a J.D. degree, but no bar card (#3 above) you just have to take Real Estate Finance and Real Estate Appraisal. The other courses are waived.

If you have a bar card in California, you don’t need to take any of the above classes, you can go straight to taking the brokers examination without taking any courses!

Once you have determined that you qualify to take the brokers examination in California, you have to get the forms completed.

You will need the following forms:

Broker exam/license application

Proof of legal presence notice - This is not needed if permanent proof of legal presence has already been submitted to the DRE

Livescan background check - Not needed if currently licensed or if you real estate license expired within the last two years. Make sure you take three copies of this form with you as explained at the bottom of the PDF. Have questions about Livescan? Click here.

College transcript (official or copy of official) if using college courses or degree.

Copy of valid bar card (if applicable)

Payment can be either via business check, personal check, money order or credit card. If you are using a credit card, you have to use a DRE form to process payment. You can find this form here.

Call us with any questions! 888 768 5285.

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