It's all about mindset

Published by admin on October 25,2011

Yesterday, I noticed a business plan posted at the entrance to our Alhambra location. The plan outlined a step-by-step roadmap for earning $200,000 per year selling residential real estate in Southern California.

Most real estate agents don’t make anywhere near $200,000 per year, but I thought it was interesting that the manager had posted such a plan at the entrance to the office on how to create this much income.

Even if a real estate agent follows this plan to the letter and ends up screwing up fifty percent of it, their income will still be $100,000 a year in a “down” real estate market. It may sound cliché, but this “think big” mindset is useful. So is having leaders that push us to do our absolute best no matter what. Market conditions don’t define our business as much as the plan itself.

I tweeted a pic of the business plan. Here’s the link:!/AdhiSchools/status/127239284771127296/photo/1

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