09 Oct 2008

Student testimonial

We have received SO MANY testimonials from students that have taken our classes and passed. Here is an excerpt from one that I am especially proud of:"After your class, I felt very positive that I had a handle on all the areas in real estate and was ready for exam day. Unlike other crash courses that I attended, you welcomed questions from your students and engaged everyone in class to interact. The atmosphere in your class produced a relaxed learning experience where everyone contributed and...

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06 Oct 2008

Is the real estate market still strong?!

As some of you may know, I don't just teach the real estate courses. I am a real estate broker that has actively bought/sold/represented over the last 6+ years. The president of a large real estate company called me up about 6 weeks ago with the following situation:"I have access to an REO portfolio with the opportunity to buy properties directly from asset managers. I need to know what price I should pay to make money and insulate myself from further market fluctuations."He gave me a list of...

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30 Sep 2008

Does your family support your real estate career?

Let's face it. Being on commission can be tough. Having the support of your family can be key as you start your career in real estate. Explain to them WHY you are choosing this career path and what you plan on doing so that you don't fail.Get as much training as you can in the beginning. Finally, most businesses fail because they don't have enough customers. What are you going to do to make sure you don't fall in this category?...

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29 Sep 2008

How to choose a real estate office

Upon finishing the required courses at ADHI Schools, LLC many of our students ask, "How do I pick a real estate office to work for?" Definitely a complicated question. The main thing to remember as a new agent is to pick an office that has a structured and scheduled training program. Don't be enticed by high commission splits (easier said than done - I know!) or empty promises. Learn the basics like how to fill out a contract, how to get clients and service them right. Give it time - The mone...

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28 Sep 2008

California Real Estate salespersons exam – an overview

The California real estate salesperson's exam is 150 questions long and is multiple choice in nature. You are given a question and there are four possible answer choices: A, B, C, or D. There are no multiple choice, essay or free response questions whatsoever.You are given 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete the exam. This comes out to 195 minutes to answer 150 questions. A passing score is 70%. This basically means you have to get 105 right (or more) in order to pass. The exam itself is strictly...

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25 Sep 2008

May you rest in peace Washington Mutual

I love Washtington Mutual. I'm not just saying that. It's a great company. Home of free checking, free checks for life and the wavier of one overdraft fee per year. It is the quintessential college bank. Students who may have never had a checking account flock there knowing that they may be running on fumes but they will still be greeted with a smile at the teller. WaMu is cool to outsiders too. Come make a withdrawl from a WaMu ATM with your snooty Wells Fargo ATM card and you won't get ...

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24 Sep 2008

Financial market turmoil – the big picture

A number of major corporations have gone under over the last 60 days, unemployment levels are elevated, inflation is a concern, and access to funds is tighter than ever.I was in the real estate market all through 2003-2006 and saw first hand the loans that were being granted to borrowers who had no business qualifying. It's the classic economic problem of unlimited desires and limited resources. Borrowers yearning for the American dream of home ownership and (greedy) loan officers hungry for t...

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23 Sep 2008

Are you a lawyer that wants a real estate license in California?

OK here's the deal, if you are a licensed attorney (that means you have a California bar card) you can step right into the brokers exam without taking any of the 8 college level classes that would normally be required.If you finished law school, but don't have a bar card (that test is a pain in the ass ain't it?) you just need to take 2 college level classes in real estate (as opposed to the 8 that would normally be required).The 2 classes are 1.) Real Estate Finance2.) Real Estate AppraisalOnce...

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22 Sep 2008

Understanding the RE 435 Salesperson Exam/License application

The RE 435 is a new California Department of Real Estate form that allows a salesperson examinee to fill out a single application for their exam and license! This is really cool, especially when you consider how it worked before:Previously, you would have had to fill out an exam application, take the test, pass it, then fill out yet another form for your license. Now, there's just one form that you use for this whole process. It's great! Now after you pass the state exam you might only have t...

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21 Sep 2008

How to get a real estate salesperson license in California

In order to get a real estate salesperson license in California, you have to take 3 college level classes in real estate. 1. Real Estate Principles2. Real Estate Practice3. An elective course that you pick from a listIf you have taken finance, economics, accounting or law in college (no matter how long ago) this may qualify as your elective course! Save yourself some $$!Once you pass these three classes, you can then take the Department of Real Estate examination. The state exam is 150 questio...

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