15 Mar 2016

Social media posts and the Realtor’s Code of Ethics

Good REALTORS® are used to thinking about the Code of Ethics. Beyond the ethical guidance it provides, it is also a professional obligation. But what about the application of the Code of Ethics as it relates to social media? While the Code is typically very clear, it's application to social media can be ambiguous. Between “private” accounts, character limits, and inexperience applying the code to online behavior, it is easy to forget the Code of Ethics or overlook some of its provision...

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05 Jul 2015

Not a citizen? No Green Card? No problem!

I received this email from the Bureau of Real Estate and I wanted to share it with all of our stakeholders. This is to inform you that all individuals who submit an application for a real estate license received on or after January 1, 2016 will no longer need to submit proof of legal presence in the United States. On September 28, 2014, the Governor signed Senate Bill 1159 (Lara, Chapter 752, Statutes of 2014), which adds Section 135.5 to the Business & Professions Code (BPC), changing the le...

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30 Sep 2014

I am Beverly Carter

I am Beverly Carter. I am a Realtor looking to bring value to my clients. I am Beverly Carter. I am a Realtor who has drive, ambition and a will to succeed. I am Beverly Carter. Each day, I show property to strangers hoping to bring the dream of homeownership to more people. I am Beverly Carter. I have shown property alone to complete strangers in a neighborhood I have never been in hopes of putting a deal together. I am Beverly Carter. Every single day, I solicit buye...

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06 Oct 2013

ADHI Schools celebrates 10 year anniversary!

This month marks the ten year anniversary of ADHI Schools.  I can hardly believe that it has been ten years since the Secretary of State confirmed that our company was formed.  Time definitely flies by. I started teaching real estate classes for another company in the fall of 2002, around the time that I received my brokers license and after completing my undergraduate degree in 2000.  It is sometimes said that public speaking is the activity most feared by society.  This was not the case...

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26 Apr 2013

Two Day Weekend Crash Course & State Exam Prep Questions!

Crash Course Online.com package options $69 - This option gives you access to our proprietary database of over 1,100 practice questions. Each is categorized into the same seven categories as your state examination. Each question has an HD video analysis of the correct answer choice. It’s like having your own private tutor! There are over 35 hours of HD real-estate-video-explanation-goodness included with this option! $129 - This option gives you access to the $69 packa...

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13 Nov 2011

Think selling real estate is hard? Consider this…

Time for a serious discussion for all you new agents out there. Starting a career in real estate is not like starting a business. A career in real estate sales is starting a business. If this sounds daunting to you, don't worry. Upon close examination, you will see that the revenue that a real estate agent can make relative to the amount of investment necessary is amazing. For a moment, let's compare real estate sales with other businesses like restaurants, clothing stores or most oth...

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25 Oct 2011

It’s all about mindset

Yesterday, I noticed a business plan posted at the entrance to our Alhambra location. The plan outlined a step-by-step roadmap for earning $200,000 per year selling residential real estate in Southern California. Most real estate agents don’t make anywhere near $200,000 per year, but I thought it was interesting that the manager had posted such a plan at the entrance to the office on how to create this much income. Even if a real estate agent follows this plan to the letter and ends up...

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20 Jul 2011

Online classes vs live real estate classes

I love the Internet. Who doesn’t? However, ask yourself this question: Is the Internet a suitable substitute for an actual mentor? Listening to our competitors, you would think so. They try to sell students on the idea that online classes are more effective in teaching than live classes. We completely disagree. The Bureau of Real Estate requires that a student take 3 classes in order to qualify for a sales person license and 8 for a broker license. Each one of those courses ...

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19 Jul 2011

Real estate school: Cheap online classes or quality live instruction?

There’s is a big difference between “spending” money and investing it. Spending money refers to outlaying cash with no reasonable expectation of getting any of it back. Investing money implies eventually getting your original investment back plus more. Tuition paid to our school falls into the investment category. You invest the money towards your education, expecting to get back knowledge enough to begin a career path in which you will make back the money you invested and more....

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13 Apr 2011

Social media – The only way?

I recently saw a YouTube video featuring veteran real estate trainer Mike Ferry engaged in a debate with a social media activist. The debate lasted 45 minutes and was a back and forth between Mike Ferry’s position of why social media, technology and computers as a whole are a waste of time and the social media activist basically saying that telephone prospecting is dead and why computers hold the last ray of hope for a real estate agent. Watching this I didn’t quite understand why each wa...

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