Real estate school: Cheap online classes or quality live instruction?

Published by admin on July 19,2011

There’s is a big difference between “spending” money and investing it. Spending money refers to outlaying cash with no reasonable expectation of getting any of it back. Investing money implies eventually getting your original investment back plus more. Tuition paid to our school falls into the investment category. You invest the money towards your education, expecting to get back knowledge enough to begin a career path in which you will make back the money you invested and more. 
With the recent downturn in the real estate market, many education companies that once had a live real estate pre-license program have either changed to all online or traditional correspondence Others have simply abandoned their real estate programs all together. Through this market, Adhi Schools has gradually added more and more instructors and locations because we feel that students that are interested in getting their real estate license should have as many choices and as much support as possible. Our school has twelve different locations, and we do more real estate classes per year than any other school in the entire state. This level of support and commitment requires a considerable financial investment on the part of our company. Other real estate education companies simply don’t have the resources to be able to do this.

Despite the fact that we've been faced with rising book costs, increases in salary for our staff, and the cost of operating twelve locations we haven't raised our tuition since 2003. 

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