Social media - The only way?

Published by admin on April 13,2011

I recently saw a YouTube video featuring veteran real estate trainer Mike Ferry engaged in a debate with a social media activist. The debate lasted 45 minutes and was a back and forth between Mike Ferry’s position of why social media, technology and computers as a whole are a waste of time and the social media activist basically saying that telephone prospecting is dead and why computers hold the last ray of hope for a real estate agent.

Watching this I didn’t quite understand why each was polarizing the position of the other. There isn’t only one way to accomplish something.

I don’t think anybody can ignore the fact that social media is here to stay and that it allows human beings to communicate quicker and more efficiently than ever before. However, in our great business of real estate sales, there must be a balance between the two.

Today’s real estate agent should be aware that their only job is to be out talking to people and to get face-to-face with a potential customer. If this activity is avoided, the chances for success are zero.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are just another way to connect with one another. Telephone prospecting and door knocking are the same thing, just packaged differently. A healthy balance between the two will increase your chance of success.

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