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Published by admin on December 11,2008

In a memo dated March 11, 2005 the California Department of Real Estate sent me the following memo:

To: Real Estate Education Providers and Community College Real Estate Coordinators

Your assistance is requested in reminding your students who intend to take the real estate examination of the following rules:

Backpacks, briefcases, suitcases, food, drink, study materials, portable computers, PDAs (personal digital assistants), or programmable calculators are not permitted in the examination room.

Cell phone use is prohibited during the examination. All cell phones must be turned off and placed out of sight after entering the exam room.

Applicants are permitted to bring a silent, battery-operated, electronic, pocket-sized calculator that does not have a print capability or an alphabetic keyboard to the examination. Cell phone calculators are not permitted.

The Department of Real Estate and its employees will not be liable or responsible for the loss or damage of any personal belongings that are brought to a real estate examination. If personal belongings are brought to the examination, such items may not be taken by the examinee to the desk where the examination will be completed. They will be placed in a storage area apart from the owner. The storage area will not be operated or monitored by the Department.

Thank you for your cooperation in bring (sic) this information to the attention of your students.

Department of Real Estate
Licensing and Examinations

This is a memo that is a few years old, and was written at a time when some examinations tested more than 1,000 students at a time. The rules still hold true today, however.

Please call our office or visit our website at adhischools.com if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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