This weekend - Practice and Finance classes

Published by admin on February 27,2009

Hi everyone! Don't forget - this Saturday we will be having a Real Estate Practice optional lecture as well as a Real Estate Finance optional lecture at our Pasadena location.

The address is 445 South Fair Oaks in Pasadena. Parking is in the lot directly behind the building.

The Practice lecture will be from 900 am - 100 pm and the Finance lecture will be from 130 pm - 500 pm. Please let me know if you have any questions. In order to take the final exams that day you have to have been enroled in the class for at least 18 calendar days. Please keep this in mind!

If you have taken an accounting, economics or business law class in college (no matter how long ago) this counts for the elective class.

Either sign up or order your college transcripts asap! I don't have very many Real Estate Finance books left so please call me if you haven't signed up yet so I can save you a book.

The entire schedule for 2009 is posted on our website so check it out if you can't make it this weekend.

It's getting late. I'm off to bed!

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