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Published by admin on October 08,2010

I am so proud of the work that our school has done over the past 7+ years. We have helped countless people begin their careers in real estate. We aren't perfect, but we try and provide the best possible instruction in a fun and dynamic environment.

I had the pleasure of reading a page that was created on the review site and was pleasantly surprised to find the below comments.

My hope is that we will continue to provide great service in a dynamic educational environment for as long as possible.

Enjoy the comments below:

Great school, great info, and a great teacher, Kartik is the man. good value for a great live instructional class. Many convenient locations around SoCal. Totally fun and exciting way to begin your career in Real Estate. You will not be dissapointed.

I was really lucky to find out about ADHI Schools. I had always considered RE but just kept putting it off. I sat in on a class and I was sold. Kartik's teaching techniques are the best and he makes even some of the driest material interesting. I was really nervous about taking the state exam as it has been quite a few years since I have taken any tests but I could hear his calm voice going over the material as i sat there and yeah, I passed first time.

Not only was I prepared for the state exam but his insights to the RE market and getting your career started are invaluable. I looked forward to going to class each week and left energized about RE.

Thank you Kartik and ADHI Schools!

I ended up in a RE class because my dad somehow got this idea of how I should be in RE. He wanted me to be productive by going to class rather than staying at home, watching tv. I remember my dad telling me how the class is going to be fun and the teacher is really good.

And of course, my dad was right. First day of class was awesome! I actually wanted to sign up for classes. Kartik's teaching was totally different from other teachers. Usually, teachers are mumbling who knows what. Kartik's teaching is interactive and fun! I learned a lot and listened for the entire lecture. The best part about Kartik's teaching would be his use of stories and mnemonics. Because of stories and mnemonics, the RE materials stick in my memory a lot easier and longer. Crash course was definitely helpful for the state exam even though it was 9 hours long. But it was worthwhile. Every piece of knowledge that I accumulated from each class helped me toward passing the state exam.

Overall, my experience with the school has been amazing! I came into class with zero knowledge of RE, but I always leave class learning something new. Now that I got my license, I can't wait to start working!

I am so glad I joined ADHI. I am currently going thru the process of buying my first home and taking the RE classes side by side has really helped. All the teachers are really good and I leave each class with a lot of information and knowledge of the RE market.

I am really glad I decided to learn about RE and I made the right choice by joining ADHI!

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