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Success Story

Brandice Presley

Real Estate Agent | Huntington Beach, CA

ADHI Schools Alum


Real Estate Exam Attempts


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Realty Company

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From humble beginnings in hospitality to a million dollar real estate producer - the story of Brandice Presley and the Presley Group embody the American Dream.

Her story illustrates the fact that over time anyone can attain their own version of success in the real estate business if they are willing to sacrifice, work hard, and take risks. Success doesn’t have to be left to chance.

Back in 2013 Brandice took our real estate class in Huntington Beach at Coldwell Banker Beachside. She didn’t really say too much, sort of kept to herself and went about her business. She passed the real estate exam - the first time of course - and started her full-time real estate career.

Fast forward just a few years and she’s running one of the top real estate teams in Orange County and selling beautiful homes along the Pacific coast.

Brandice and her partner Michael are looking to help develop new agents especially from our school. They spend a ton of money on advertising and have a bunch of leads coming in each and every day. They are looking for hardworking and honest agents to join their team and help service all the potential new business they are cultivating.

In this video, our founder Kartik Subramaniam interviews them about their experience with the school and the real estate industry in general.