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Are you looking for a new career? Are you ready to turn the competitive San Diego real estate market into an opportunity to build a long-term, lucrative career? If so, ADHI Schools has exactly what you need to get started. Without any experience or industry knowledge, you can be the next person to sell one of the luxury homes along Ocean Front Walk or the Rancho Del Mar Trail.

San Diego is a competitive market with true professionals building strong careers within it and making a name for themselves. If you want to compete here, selling the ranch- or Spanish-style homes that are so popular, you absolutely need a solid real estate education.

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Is a Career Path in Real Estate in San Diego Best for You?

Is San Diego real estate license school right for you? While ultimately, you have to decide if having a career in San Diego real estate is best for your needs, there are a few key reasons why you’ll want to do so:

• You love people — you want to help them make their dreams come true.
• You want to help sell the increasing San Diego inventory of homes for sale.
• You want to help people moving into San Diego find their dream home. It’s likely more will do so as the 2020 economy in the region continues to flourish.
• You know the area well, from the hills of Cypress Canyon to the family-friendly area of La Jolla.San Diego neighborhoods inspire you.
• You love a challenge. The area is moving toward a buyer’s market, which means you’ll have negotiating power.

If any of these areas interest you, it’s time to consider the value of real estate careers. The best benefit here is that San Diego will always be an attractive place to live, and that means a long-term, stable career for those who are able to build a solid foundation. We can help you with that.

San Diego Real Estate Course Curriculum

To provide you with the education you need, ADHI Schools has created a comprehensive curriculum that teaches you not only the law, but also the business of real estate. It incorporates a variety of aspects of the market that you won’t learn in a traditional program. Even better, your real estate courses are available online or with an in person component. Take a look at some of the components of the real estate education we’ll provide for you.

The Real Estate Principles

Real estate principles are the core components of the process. This is where you’ll learn how to sell property, meeting all legal requirements. In San Diego, real estate principles are critical. As noted, this is a competitive market, and you’ll need a solid understanding of it in order to capitalize on sales.

You’ll learn everything that goes into real estate principles, including:

• Real estate finance
• Real estate economics
• Property management
• Real estate appraisal
• Leasing
• Negotiating contracts

We’ll provide you with real-world examples and explanations that allow you to take what you’re learning and apply it directly to your career. The real estate classes in San Diego we offer are designed to be comprehensive.

Real Estate Practice

Our goal is to help you create a strong real estate practice. To do that, you need to have an outstanding level of education and guidance on how to network and build your presence within San Diego and the community. In this area, you’ll learn about:

• Listing presentations and marketing
• Advertising across all spectrums
• Staging and property showings
• Structuring your organization (moving from agent to broker)
• Business economics
• Business plan development and operations
• Leading your office
• Business policies and procedures
• Staff hiring and management – and much more

The goal here is to give you the information and tools you need to operate an efficient, innovative real estate office in San Diego that’s attractive to buyers and sellers and cost-effective as well.

Legal Aspects of Real Estate

The legalities of real estate may seem like the most challenging. Yet, even when you factor in San Diego law, it’s not difficult to learn. Among the aspects you’ll learn within our program are topics such as:

• Federal, state and San Diego local laws
• Regulation of licenses
• Duties and responsibilities of each party
• Contract law
• Liens and homesteads
• Property rights and land use laws
• Escrow and title
• Landlord and tenant law
• Real estate contracts and negotiations

You will learn – and understand – every aspect of real estate law that applies here in California. Our goal is to cover what’s needed to help you not just to pass your licensing exam, but also to help you create a strong, reliable business. For those who wish to become real estate agents, the educational requirements you need are packed into these programs.

Take Our San Diego Real Estate Crash Course

Ready to find out if you’re ready for your California real estate licensing exam? Our Real Estate Exam Crash Course is designed to ensure you are 100 percent ready to go. It’s a low-cost opportunity that preps you for your exam. It allows you to use our iPhone and Android apps to get ready for the test. You’ll learn everything you need to do well through our exam prep. You also have a live classroom option to use for enhanced benefits.

Learn in a Live Classroom or Online

Perhaps the best benefit we can offer you is flexibility. The quality of content you get is superior, and the instructors are true professionals. Yet, what you’ll find is that we’re built for your life as it is today. Choose our live, in-classroom sessions to learn at a steady pace. Plenty of schedule options exist for most needs.

Or, you can embrace our online learning opportunities. You do not have to take time out of your day to travel to class. Instead, visit us online right now and start learning!

Take Advantage of All Student Benefits

A key goal you’ll find throughout all of our programs is enhanced student benefits, services and resources we offer to help our San Diego real estate course be as easy to manage as possible. Key benefits include:

• Over 400 videos on our YouTube community that you gain access to
• Over 20 live real estate school locations you can use
• Career placement services with some of the most powerful and productive real estate offices in California

San Diego Instructors

Each of our San Diego real estate school instructors is dedicated to working closely with each of our students to ensure the very best level of comprehension. Each instructor is skilled and experienced in the field. They have years of experience in the industry and have a comprehensive level of real-life experience to share, giving you the competitive advantage.

Upcoming Classes for California Real Estate License

Are you ready to learn more? Our team is always available to work with you and answer all of your questions. If you’re ready to get started, sign up for our upcoming classes now. We’re confident you’ll love your new career path.

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