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We can't take money on behalf of the state for the examination. However, we do provide all the links to the forms and assistance when registering for the state exam. We are always just a phone call or email away.

Click here for our blog post on the forms required for the salesperson examination and the broker examination.

The cost depends on what classes you need in order fulfill the requirements to take the state exam in California. We have a package wherein you can get Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice and your choice of an elective, all with a live component for $499.00. This includes a live two day crash course and the 1,000 practice question test bank.

For online only we have a package as low as $199.00.  This includes the physical textbooks.

This depends on how many classes you have enrolled in because FedEx charges based on weight. You will have the option to choose which shipping method is best for you once you are placing your order.

Once logged into our website, you will get to choose which chapter quizzes you would like to take and you will also have access to the final exam for each course you are enrolled in. Once you complete the exam the system will automatically score your examination and you will be able to print your certificate of completion. You need this certificate to send in with your application for your real estate exam and license. The best part is that our site will store your certificate forever in PDF!

At this time we do not allow anyone to purchase the textbook only. The reason is that you need a certificate of completion for each of the classes in order to apply for the state examination. The book only won't accomplish this. If you just want to get your hands on a real estate book there are lots of books available at your nearest library.

If you don't have a library card, go get one!

Not at all! That is what makes Adhi Schools so unique. You can enroll at any given time and jump into our live classes any week. The books will take time to arrive to your home due to shipping so if you want to start a class on a Tuesday and you sign up the day before you won't have a book for that Tuesday class. (We can't magically beam you a textbook.) However, you are still welcome to come to the class and sit-in.

Also keep in mind that our real estate classes are revolving and will end up right back when you started, so you won't miss a thing. If you start Real Estate Principles on Chapter 5, for example, you will go all the way to Chapter 15 (the last chapter of the book) and cycle back to Chapter 5 in nine weeks.

One last thing - the course material in Real Estate Principles doesn't need to be taken in any specific order so you can start whenever it's convenient for you.

Negative. We feel our prices are the best around for what you get. Think you found something cheaper? Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. First of all, is there an instructor at any time during our competitors course? Do you actually get a physical textbook or is it online only? (Trust us, with the amount of material you are going to learn it's way better to have a physical textbook as opposed to a really big PDF file.) How long is your enrollment valid? What kind of support do you get from the back office?

We don't offer financial aid, but you may qualify for a payment plan. Call our office to discuss options.

A student who enrolls with us has seven (7) calendar days from the date of enrollment to request a refund. If a refund is requested, the school will refund all monies received with the exception of a $25.00 processing fee. The textbook must also be returned to the school in unused condition. Return shipping is the responsibility of the student. If the textbook shows wear and tear, the school will also retain $39.95 for the textbook. All refunds will be refunded the way the student paid for the class. No refunds will be issued after the seven days have lapsed. In lieu of a refund, the student may transfer the enrollment to another party within thirty (30) days of the date of enrollment. In the event of transfer, the transferee must sign a new enrollment agreement and you must sign a form indicating that you wish to transfer enrollment. Once thirty (30) days have passed, no refunds or transfers will be allowed.

There are two main guarantees in real estate examination prep: that you will pass and that and you will somehow be satisfied. Some schools will set it up so that if you don't pass you can continue to prep with the same company. It doesn't take much to see that this really isn't much of a guarantee. These pass and satisfaction guarantees are basically flawed. If you're not satisfied with the class, then you can continue to work with the same company. Obviously the problem here is that you're continuing to work with the same company with whom you weren't satisfied.

The best thing to do is to request a guest pass to see if the classes are something you want to get involved in. Click here to request one.

Yes you can. We love letting our potential students check our classes. It gives you the opportunity to make sure you are making the right decision. Click here to request a free guest pass.

We believe that each students studying level is different, so we recommend that each student spend some time after each class with the online chapter quizzes and then also going over notes and the summary in the book.  However, students are required to spend 45 hours with the course material per course.

Again, you can use the online chapter quiz component that you receive after signing up with us.

This may come as a surprise, but Adhi Schools allows the student to be enrolled for 1 year. This doesn't mean we want you to take that long, but it is set in place if you have to place the class on hold for some time. We will still be around when you can jump back into class and studying online.

In order to obtain a California salesperson license, you need to take three classes.  The classes are

  1. Real Estate Principles

  2. Real Estate Practice

  3. An elective course that you pick from a list.

NOTE:  If you have taken economics, accounting or business law in college, no matter how long ago and you passed with a "C" or better, the elective may not need to be taken again!  Call our office with any questions.

Once you finish these courses, you pass the real estate exam, go through a background check and you will be issued a license!  Call our office to discuss salesperson options today!

To obtain a brokers license, you need fulfill both an education requirement and an experience one.

Education requirement:
Applicants for a real estate broker license examination must have successfully completed eight of the following statutorily required college-level courses:

  1. Real Estate Practice; and

  2. Legal Aspects of Real Estate; and

  3. Real Estate Finance; and

  4. Real Estate Appraisal; and

  5. Real Estate Economics or Accounting; and

  6. Three courses from the following list

    • Real Estate Principles

    • Business Law

    • Property Management

    • Escrow

    • Real Estate Office Administration

    • Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending

    • Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate

    • Advanced Real Estate Finance

    • Advanced Real Estate Appraisal

    • Computer Applications in Real Estate

    • Common Interest Developments

If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting are taken, only two courses from the above group are required.

Please check our registration page to see the courses we currently offer!

Experience requirement:

In order to obtain a brokers license you must be able to say “yes” to one of the following (the two most common ways)

  1. Two years of full-time experience in our real estate business

  2. A bachelors degree with a major or minor in real estate

Adhi is a Sanskrit word that meaning “first”. The founders of the school always intended the school to be the first in a number of respects. First we wanted the school to be the first or number one school in California as judged by student satisfaction and passing ratio. We also want to be the first school that the real estate community when they want quality education and excellent customer service.

Your real estate license in California, allows the licensee to conduct a diverse range of activities. The vast majority of licensees engage primarily in residential brokerage, but the same license allows you to do commercial sales and leasing and also permits you to sell land, business opportunities and become a mortgage loan broker.  There are other things as well that you can do with a real estate license, like mineral oil and gas brokerage and property management as a broker.

Our site has up to 256-bit SSL encryption technology to ensure that your credit card information is secure when ordering. Also we never sell, rent, or lease information your without your consent.

All courses offered by Adhi Schools are 100% reviewed and approved by the California Department of Real Estate and fulfill the requirements when applying for either a salesperson or broker license.

A brokers license differs from a salesperson license in two principle respects. First as a salesperson in order to do any acts that would require a real estate license you need to be under the control and employ of a broker. For example, if you received a sales person license today but had not chosen a broker to work for, you could not do anything that would require a license because your license needs to be hung with a broker in order to conduct any real estate related activity.

On the other hand a broker’s license does not require that you be under the control and employ of anyone in order to conduct real estate related activities. You are your own walking real estate office.

The next main difference is that a broker can have multiple licenses. Conversely, as a salesperson your license can only be hung with one broker at a time. The salesperson license can be compared to a television set. The only way that television set can be turned on is by having it plugged in to the wall, but you can only plug it in to one outlet at a time.  Similarly a salesperson can only work for one broker at a time. On the other hand a broker can have multiple licenses. For example, the broker can have a one license for a mortgage corporation and another license to sell real estate from.

We allow users to try our online account for up to 7 days to examine our interface and make sure our program is right for them.  You can register for a trial account here. Register