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Ah yes, the quintessential debate between live and online classes. What’s better?

If you are considering online classes there are a few benefits. For starters online real estate courses are generally less expensive than a classroom style program. This isn’t limited to the enrollment fees either.

Taking real estate classes online means that you won’t have to actually commute and spend money on gas and parking. You can do them anytime and remotely from the comfort of your own bedroom - just wake up and start the coursework in your pajamas on your iPhone.

Some also say that the method of delivery is superior when the coursework is done online. If you learn at a pace that is different than the instructor’s, online courses allow you to work at a pace that is convenient and comfortable for you. Bottom line - there is a lot of freedom associated with an online program.

If you work odd hours or have an erratic schedule online real estate courses make the program work around your schedule not the other way around.

We would love to have you enroll in our state approved online real estate courses. These courses will qualify you and prepare you to pas the California real estate license exam.

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Lesson Videos

Your ADHI Schools account gives you access to amazing streaming versions of all chapter lessons. For our online students, it’s as close as we can get you to the actual classroom experience. For classroom students, it’s convenient because if you miss a lesson or want to review something you can do it 24/7.

Each lesson is broken up into chapters, so you can watch them all at once or break them up into multiple study sessions.

The videos are interactive. Your instructor will challenge you to think critically about the course material before moving on.

Online lessons and workshops are taught by ADHI Schools’ founder Kartik Subramaniam.

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A unique way to connect with the course material

The real estate exam can be a difficult test and some of our students may want to review certain chapters over and over again to make sure they really understand the concept being taught. Our included archived videos allow you to do this without missing a beat. Best of all - it’s on your time.

Preview a class for free before registering

A key aspect of our real estate program is that we allow anyone to come sit in on a class as a guest of ours before registering. We understand that you have choices and we want to make sure you are 100% comfortable before your register. Click here to have a guest pass sent to your email. Just show this to the instructor on your phone and have a real estate lecture. On us.

Will it work on my phone? Yep!

The entire ADHI Schools program is designed to work perfectly on your iOS and Android devices. It’s 2016, would you expect anything else? You can watch videos and take quizzes on your phone. On a bad date? Just start watching a real estate video. That should clear the room in a hurry! :)

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