These are the principles that guide the development, evolution and operation of our program

Our 10 Principles

01 Our commitment is to our students first and foremost.
02 Real estate is the surest method of wealth creation in the United States and the education of such an important topic must be taken seriously.
03 We must at all times obey and respect governmental rules regarding the operation of our school and real estate program.
04 The effectiveness of our program depends as much upon the student’s willingness to learn as the strength of our program. We can’t control the former, but we can strive to make the latter the best it can be.
05 Making real estate education accessible and affordable is an important goal, worthy of time, attention and commitment.
06 No matter how large our company grows we will always treat each student as if they are our only one.
07 Placing our students with great real estate companies is an important goal, but one that we will never be paid for. We place students where they have the greatest chance of making it, not so we can get paid.
08 We will always keep good company. The firms we refer our students to will always have a written training program to ensure our students the greatest chance of success once they are licensed.
09 We will always have an open door policy at all locations so prospective students can sit in on a class before they pay.
10 Our entire staff will be helpful, patient and accommodating as students start their new career. We understand that our school is often their first interaction with the industry and our duty is to make every interaction as pleasant as possible.