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Joe Buck

Real Estate Agent | Redondo Beach, CA

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Professional basketball player to All-Star real estate agent

First, it's not the same Joe Buck who's a sports announcer for the major networks, covering things like the World Series. Although that's an easy mistake to make. Our Joe Buck is also a former athlete. He played professional basketball overseas for over ten years. At that point, he was into his 30s and it was time to retire from the sport he loved.

When Joe came back home after retiring from basketball, he needed to find a new career path. Joe was interested in sales and a friend suggested that if he really wanted to work in sales, he should consider selling something of greater value, like real estate. So, Joe enrolled in our real estate school and met Kartik the first day.

Joe was able to go through the process quickly, in a matter of months. He was able to take advantage of in class sessions and online learning opportunities. Kartik's way of explaining things, in regular English and terms that anyone can relate to and follow, made the process both fun and easy for Joe to master. Within a few months, he took his real estate exam and passed it on the first try. While you don't get the exact score from your test, Joe says that he felt like he knew all the answers and that the test was easy for him to take. He credits the way that ADHI School material is laid out that made it simple for him to grasp and learn the material, as well as his own focused work, of course. He went through the process to get his brokers license, as well, and found the path just as easy to follow.

Joe went on to find a real estate firm that was a fit for him. Like most new agents that start in our business it was slow going at first. Joe realized that it takes time to build a customer base in real estate and that his first sale didn't happen for six months. After that, though, he was able to capitalize on his successes. Joe has been able to double his income each year in the four years he's been in the business. He's currently making a much higher income than the six figure income he earned as a professional basketball player.