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Success Story

Mohammad Alam

Real Estate Agent | Hesperia, CA

ADHI Schools Alum


Real Estate Exam Attempts


Previous Career

Scuba Instructor

The alumni that we are featuring in this episode is very special. Mohammad Alam was born in Bangladesh and came to the United States with $80 in his pocket over 15 years ago. The video below explains how he started as a dive instructor in Catalina Island, but had an eardrum rupture and was unable to continue in that job.

He went to a real estate seminar and met someone who told him to get his real estate license, and he started working with Century 21. He came into contact with our school about 10 years ago because our founder wanted to buy some land in Victorville. From that one phone call he and Mohammad started a lifelong friendship.

Mohammad wanted to get his broker's license with the goal of starting his own real estate brokerage. He passed the exam the first time and has since opened his own company. It has grown from 0 agents to over 60 and is now a powerhouse in the high desert.

Check out the video as Mohammad shares his journey from nothing, stepping off of the airplane in Los Angeles so many years ago to owning his own escrow company, mortgage company, a real estate brokerage and insurance company. He shares some tips as to how to prepare for the exam and how he overcame a recession when he started his business. It seemed like everyone was betting that he wouldn't make it, but here he is with one of the largest real estate companies in his area.