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Success Story

Ryan Rembert

Real Estate Agent | El Segundo, CA

ADHI Schools Alum


Real Estate Exam Attempts


Previous Career


Ryan Rembert is a young real estate agent working out of the South Bay city of El Segundo. The way that Ryan got involved in our real estate classes is rather unique. Kartik was at a dinner appointment at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach late in 2014 and Ryan was his waiter. Ryan and Kartik struck up a conversation and Ryan mentioned that he was interested in getting into the real estate business. A couple of weeks later, Ryan enrolled in the classes and the rest is history!

Ryan talks about his journey making whatever he could in tips over a given week to making $50,000 commission checks and dream surf trips to Indonesia and other parts of the world - all because of the great real estate business!

What is best about Ryan is how mature and grounded he is for his age. He has since transitioned from residential sales to multi-family apartment brokerage.

That’s one of the greatest things about real estate licensure in California. You can do commercial, residential, property management and more!

Enjoy his story!