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Are you a lawyer that wants a real estate license in California?

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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Lawyer studying for the real estate license exam

If you are a licensed attorney in California you are exempt from the college-level course requirements in order to obtain a real estate salesperson or California brokers license.

In other words, you can pop right into the sales license exam without needing to complete Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, or the elective classes that are normally required. Evidence of admission to practice Law in California must be furnished, such as a photocopy of both sides of a California State Bar membership card.

However, the requirements for an attorney to qualify to take the broker exam are different. If you are a licensed attorney in California, you must have two years full-time licensed sales experience within the last five years or have at least two years real estate related experience within the last five years related to your law practice. Before applying for the broker exam, licensed attorneys will need to submit a RE 227 Equivalent Experience Verification document form outlying this experience along with their brokerexam or broker exam/license combination application.

ADHI Schools has had many licensed attorneys in California take our program and obtain either a sales or broker license.

By the way, nothing waives the requirements for either real estate exam itself. All real estate license applicants regardless of experience or education must pass the state exam for either license.

One last tip - you can't have both the sales and broker license at the same time in California - it's one or the other.

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