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Are you a lawyer that wants a real estate license in California?

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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Lawyer studying for the real estate license exam

OK here's the deal, if you are a licensed attorney (that means you have a California bar card) you can step right into the brokers exam without taking any of the 8 college level classes that would normally be required.

If you finished law school, but don't have a bar card (that test is a pain in the ass ain't it?) you just need to take 2 college level classes in real estate (as opposed to the 8 that would normally be required).

The 2 classes are

1.) Real Estate Finance
2.) Real Estate Appraisal

Once these 2 classes are done, take the brokers exam, pass it, and you are good to go!

Got questions? Call ADHI Schools, LLC at 888 768 5285 or visit for more information!

By the way, nothing waives the requirements for the brokers test itself. All real estate license applicants regardless of experience or education must pass the state exam itself for either brokers or salesperson. NO EXCEPTIONS!

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