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How I Got Started in Real Estate Education

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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I get this question a lot:  "How did you start teaching these real estate classes? What's the story behind your school?"You can listen to my podcast about it here, or read on. Long story short — it happened by chance.ADHI Schools is a brainchild of my passion, education and past experiences. Ultimately, I combined my love for real estate and teaching and turned it into a real estate school.


It Started With a Love for Teaching


When I was going through college in the late '90s and early 2000s, I taught the SATs to disadvantaged high school students. Back then, parents of means could pay for SAT prep classes for their kids, but kids without money didn't have the same advantage.This disparity meant that average students couldn't prep as well as those who had access to the premium classes that cost thousands of dollars. To make matters worse, they didn't have the internet to help them. Today, people with tenacity and focus can learn just about anything on the internet — however, back then, there was no YouTube or online schools to give them a leg up.During this time I spent teaching the SATs, I developed a love for showing others how to thrive and be successful through education. It was exciting to empower people and level the playing field in the age of little to no internet.


I Saw the Sign


After I finished college and got my real estate license, I joined a brokerage. There was a sign behind this office that advertised a real estate school. I was just starting out and didn't sell anything for about three weeks. Although this is not a long time to not sell anything in real estate, I was particularly over-caffeinated and impatient, so I decided to try to pick up a side hustle.I called the 800 number on the flier and a man picked up. I asked him if he needed help teaching these classes. I also asked him out of curiosity how much it paid. When I heard that the pay was $60/hour, I called that man twice a day for a month until he finally relented and gave me a chance. He offered me a spot in Norco. I reviewed the material and taught the class, giving my best effort.The next day, the owner of the school called me and asked me how I thought things went. I told him that I thought things went pretty well. He responded, "Well, actually, all of them called simultaneously and asked for a refund, but I like you. If you're willing to try, there's another class you can take over once a week ... BUT, you can never go back to Norco.I agreed. Soon one class turned into three to four classes a week. After I gained experience and confidence, I started my own real estate school in October 2003. The rest is history. We're now in our 15th year in business.


Serendipity and Success


If I hadn't gone into that real estate office and sat in that seat and seen that sandwich sign, perhaps ADHI Schools wouldn't exist now.  The real estate school sign was situated right behind my desk at the real estate office I chose to join. If I had chosen to work anywhere else, I might not have had that opportunity to initially teach - and our real estate school might not exit.Though it all happened through a series of accidental events, the result feels meant to be. I have worked with the same group of people for years, and they feel like family. We have a bunch of instructors, assistants and managers who all work together to make our school the powerhouse it is today.My real estate teacher was my mentor. I learned so much from watching how he taught real estate classes. He had lots of experience teaching classes to big-name brokerages since the '70s and '80s. I carry a lot of what I learned from him still today, because before you can branch out, you need to first imitate people who are successful in what you want to do.


So that's the story. Now I also have a brokerage, real estate school and marketing company. I stay busy, and I like it that way!


Make Your Own Story


Feeling fired up? Ready to start your own success story? Find out more about our real estate courses by calling the office at 888-768-5285. We would be happy to help get you enrolled in California Real Estate License courses!

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