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How to Choose a Real Estate School

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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How to Choose a Real Estate School

I know that many of you who are considering our real estate school are also cross-shopping — as you should. During this decision process, you're going to look at our program and stack it up against other real estate schools, community colleges and online schools. This makes sense, because smart shoppers do their homework.This is why I want to take a moment to explain why our program might be a good fit for you.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

First off, you should compare our pass rate for the real estate exam with the current statewide statistics. In a recent month, there were 3,987 people who scheduled to take the real estate exam. Out of those scheduled, 3,494 showed up. Of the 3,494 that took the exam, only 46 percent passed that month.As a potential real estate agent, it’s very important to align yourself with an education program that has a proven system to give you the greatest chance of passing the exam - the first time!

Why Does Our Program Work?

I chalk it up the overall process of our entire program. We're going to provide you with excellent support, flexibility on when and how to take classes, a great faculty and solid course materials.

Full-time support: Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is available five days a week, Monday to Friday. Our representatives are all professional and highly trained. Compare this with smaller real estate schools that simply don’t have the resources that we do.
Flexible locations: We have many brick and mortar locations if you want to do the classes with a classroom component. This definitely plays into the convenience factor when you're trying to find a school near your home. Here's the best part about it: You get unlimited access to any of these locations' classrooms for twelve months! So, if you need a place close to your friend's house or dentist's office, we have your back. We also have online classes too if your schedule is more scattered.
Great online real estate classes: No other online school in California has the amount of video that we do. These aren't amateur videos either, but instead are done with professional lighting and audio and great camerawork to ensure you have the most professional set of real estate materials available.
High-quality instructors: Our faculty is simple the best out there. All of our instructors are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Some of our teachers have been presidents of large real estate organizations. One was even the VP of the global MLS. Another has done over 700 short sales and foreclosure transactions during his career. These are not isolated cases, each one of our instructors is screened for their teaching ability and personality before we hire them.
The right course material: When you take classes with us, you'll get three tangible college-level textbooks, not just PDFs. You get that "real school" feel by having a solid book in your hands. These textbooks contain hundreds of practice questions to help prepare you for the real estate exam.
Convenient (and affordable) crash courses: Start out with a bang! Our upper-tier  packages also include an intense (and fun) two-day live crash course.  This is going to give you the skills and knowledge needed to pass the real estate exam - the first time!

Try It Before You Buy

Naturally, you don't want to commit to something before you have a chance to try it out. That's why I'd like to offer you a free guest pass. With this pass, you can visit any location of ADHI schools at no cost or obligation.To sign up for a physical classroom guest pass, go to the main part of our website, scroll down and then enter your email in the information box.  We will immediately send you a guest pass. Come hang out with us! We would be excited to have you in the classroom! If you can't come in person, you're welcome to try out one of our online classes. Sign up for a trial account of our online real estate school. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check it out!

Shop Smart

I highly encourage you to compare our programs side by side with other real estate schools that you might be considering. I'm confident that you'll find that we have much more to offer than the competition.At the end of the day, you need to make the right decision for you. However, I think you'll be very happy if you choose us. Check out ADHI Schools today!

- Kartik

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