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How to Use Social Media to Get Business as a Realtor

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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How to Use Social Media to Get Real Estate Business

Social media is one of the most important ways to get business today. Most people are on their phones interacting in the digital world at least as much as they are with the physical world. Nurturing relationships online through outlets like Facebook and Instagram can help build trust and brand recognition between you and a prospective client.

To better understand how people in the real estate business use social media I recently met with a good friend who works at a large mortgage company in Orange County. When I met with her for a recent interview she was working with an escrow company and helped build their business using the power of Instagram and Facebook.  She was kind enough to share some insider tips on how she uses social media, specifically Instagram, to gain followers and new prospects.In this interview, I was able to find out three key things:

• What she posts
• When she posts
• How she decides what to post

Danielle Benevides has done a great job building this escrow company using Instagram. Here is the gist of our interview, which you can also watch in full here on my YouTube channel.The main takeaways from our interview are these strategies:

1. Merge your personal and professional accounts into one.
2. "Like" other people's posts and engage with them.
3. Reach out to your followers by sending them messages.
4. Post at times when people will be more engaged with social media, such as before work, during lunch, after work and before bed.
5. Post updates that present you as a productive and successful professional, such as you going to an open house, you meeting with clients, you selling a house and so on. Be personable and relatable through these posts.
6. Find an Instagram account in your field that you admire. What makes it so successful? Ask yourself are there models that you can copy before you start doing your own thing? It’s important to not blatantly rip off others and be authentic as you consider this strategy.
7. When you build a following, you can do more and gain an even bigger following. It’s easier to go from 15,000 followers to 20,000 followers than to go from 0 followers to 5,000. Scale is important.

How Danielle Benavides Uses Instagram to Gain Business

Danielle: "Basically, I'm very intentional with what I post on Instagram. I'm very intentional about who I add. It's all a very methodical process. Something I encourage agents to do is to merge their personal profile with their business one. So far, that's really worked to my benefit. By merging accounts, I'm exposing what I'm doing in my daily routine, such as being out with new clients, visiting an open house or doing anything related to business. I'm posting these things and people recognize it. I'm also liking other people's photos, which establishes an online relationship."

Kartik: "Some people think that the business page and personal page should be separate. You don't think so. Why?"

Danielle: "I think it should be all in one. It's time-consuming to go back and forth and log into different accounts ... I hear from agents that they don't even log into either their personal or business profile. When you're trying to juggle two accounts, you won't have the best results."

Kartik: "What about people who didn't grow up with technology or those who may think that social media isn't relevant to their business?"

Danielle: "I work with some clients who aren't really into social media. I encourage them to at least try it out because it is something that they should put into their business. Social media can be a huge part of their success."

Kartik: "What is a good engagement strategy for those who want to get started?"

Danielle: "What I have found myself doing is that I will purposely go on Instagram and start liking pictures of real estate agents that I follow. I even go into my search bar and find real estate agents I know. I seek them out and message them if I want to, like send a DM about my escrow services. You're not working that hard to send a message online. It cost me more gas and time to visit friends than to touch my phone and start sending messages."

Kartik: "A lot of people struggle about what content to post and when they should post it. What do you do?"

Danielle: "It's important to post at certain times of the day when people are more likely to look at their phones or check social media.

• Before 9 am: Lots people get to work between 7:30 and 9 am and check their social media with a cup of coffee.
• Noon during lunch.
• After 5 pm: Work is over and people have some downtime.
• Between 8 and 9 pm: The day is usually done and there's some wind-down time before bed.

Kartik: "What are your end goals with social media?"

Danielle: "My goal is to continue building my following and use it as a tool to get business. I also want to be a leader in my field. I want people to use me as an example, just like the people I look up to on Instagram. I try to follow their methods and implement them into my strategy."


Learn More About Real Estate and Social Media

Once you build an audience around yourself, you can monetize and build your brand even more. I'm so thankful to hear some expert tips from someone who has used Instagram for her business with real results.

If you’ve considered taking online real estate classes visit our website here. If you want to take real estate classes in Los Angeles or in Orange County we have you covered also! To learn more about using social media for real estate, subscribe to my YouTube channel here.



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