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Latest Department of Real Estate statistics

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

On November 06,2008 | Reading Time : 1 minutes

These are as of September 2008 from the Department of Real Estate website

September 2008

This month Last month 12 months ago 24 months ago
Licensee Population:
Brokers 152,832 152,854 149,189 139,822
Salespersons 384,753 386,510 394,005 374,462
Total Licensees 537,585 539,364 543,194 514,284
Real Estate Licenses Issued:
Original Broker 571 728 749
Original Salesperson 1,160 1,240 2,940
Broker Administered 999 914 842
Salesperson Administered 1,590 1,855 14,918

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