Current California law requires the listing of the company name AND responsible broker’s license number on all team advertising materials, which was not the intent of legislators when they originally wrote the law.  If you are thinking about taking real estate classes in Los Angeles and joining a real estate team continue reading.

Enter Senate Bill 710, which changes the requirement from both the “name under which the responsible broker is currently licensed by the bureau” AND the associated license identification number, to the name of the broker OR that name and the license identification number.

Those wishing to refrain from listing the broker’s identification number on advertising materials may now do so but must still include the name of the broker at a minimum.   Again, this law is effective immediately.

Even still, it is important that real estate professionals follow the law and make all necessary disclosures. For any further information, the text of the legislation can be found here, or contact the author of this piece at for any questions or clarifications.

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