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Online classes vs live real estate classes

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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I love the Internet. Who doesn’t?

However, ask yourself this question: Is the Internet a suitable substitute for an actual mentor?

Listening to our competitors, you would think so. They try to sell students on the idea that online classes are more effective in teaching than live classes. We completely disagree.

The Bureau of Real Estate requires that a student take 3 classes in order to qualify for a sales person license and 8 for a broker license. Each one of those courses has 45 hours of credit. The Bureau of Real Estate requires that for a home study course there be 10 pages per course hour in each textbook used by a real estate school. Each textbook, by statute, must be at least 450 pages. (45 hours x 10 pages = 450 pages) Now, ask yourself this: If you were to receive three (You need Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practice, and an Elective course, remember?) 450 page books in the mail, would you have the patience and discipline to read each and every page line-by-line, absorb the material, take the exams online, and subsequently pass the state exam? Even if you made it through each book, how much do you think you would really learn from reading 1500 pages worth of course materials on your own? Taking an online course does not compare to the knowledge and guidance we have to offer through our live real estate program.

Why then are so many other real estate schools online only?

The answer to this question is probably a combination of several factors. First of all, from a business perspective live real estate courses are much more costly to run than a strictly online model. High quality instructors must be compensated for teaching and classroom space must be procured. These costs create a strong incentive for education companies to keep overhead to a minimum and do “online” only.

All of our instructors are licensed and active real estate agents, and most are brokers. Isn't this the caliber of educator you would prefer in helping you begin a new career in real estate?

Our program gives you the greatest chance at success. With the proper guidance and enough determination, every student can ultimately achieve their ambitions of becoming a licensed and successful real estate agent.

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Kartik Subramaniam

Founder, Adhi Schools

Kartik Subramaniam is the Founder and CEO of ADHI Real Estate Schools, a leader in real estate education throughout California. Holding a degree from Cal Poly University, Subramaniam brings a wealth of experience in real estate sales, property management, and investment transactions. He is the author of nine books on real estate and countless real estate articles. With a track record of successfully completing hundreds of real estate transactions, he has equipped countless professionals to thrive in the industry.

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