The real estate salespersons exam - A closer look

Published by admin on January 28,2009

The state exam for a California real estate salespersons license - Daunting for some, but definitely doable if you study. Here goes:

The salespersons exam is 150 questions long and you get three hours and fifteen minutes to complete the test. This basically means that you get 195 minutes to answer 150 questions. All the exam questions are multiple-choice with answer choices A,B,C or D. There are no free-response or short answer type questions on the exam.

You can bring a calculator with you as long as it does not:

1. Make noise when you push each button.
2. Have alphanumeric capabilities.
3. Be your cell phone.
4. Be your PDA

Just go down to your local office supply store and buy a cheap calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide and you will be fine.

You will have to bubble your answer choices on a bubble sheet that you will turn in to the proctors once you complete your exam.

Within about three business days, you will get your results. The state exam is strictly qualifying in nature which means that you won't know what you got on the test unless you fail the exam. In the event that you fail the exam, the DRE will tell you your total score and breakdown each category for you in terms of how you did.

If you pass you will just get a notice that you did so, you won't know what you got.

Here is what the DRE says are the percentages of each category on the exam itself:

Property Ownership and Land Use Controls and Regulations (approximately 18% of exam).

Laws of Agency (approximately 12% of exam).

Valuation and Market Analysis (approximately 12% of exam).

Financing (approximately 13% of exam).

Transfer of Property (approximately 9% of exam).

Practice of Real Estate and Mandated Disclosures (approximately 24% of exam).

Contracts (approximately 12% of exam).

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