Will California’s Home Prices Continue to Rise?

Will California’s Home Prices Continue to Rise?

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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Rising home prices

The California housing market stayed blue-hot through 2021, leaving many potential home buyers waiting in the wings. Whether you are getting your real estate license or are a retail consumer, you might be wondering if home prices will continue to rise through 2022. On the flip side, you’re undoubtedly interested in whether or not the market might cool off, so you can finally make your big purchase. To figure all that out, you just have to take a peek at this guide to learn all you need to know about the housing market conditions in California.

2021 Housing Market Outlook

All across California, the already expensive housing market got even pricier as 2021 went on. This was a surprise to most people, as many thought that the pandemic would wreak havoc on the real estate market. To be fair, I have been a bear since 2018 as evidenced in this YouTube video.

In reality, quite the opposite has occurred since this recording. Prices have continued to rise through the pandemic with record jumps in home prices in the suburbs outside Sacramento, Riverside, and other urban centers. Inside the city centers, property prices continued to rise as well, although not quite as fast as the suburbs. Most people attribute this to the desire for social distancing and being a little further away from one another.

Overall, reports indicate that single-family home prices rose by over 12 percent through 2021 in many areas, landing thei median price tags in the $800,000 range by year’s end. Although that’s double the median sales price for homes across the United States, certain areas of California have even higher typical home prices. In San Francisco, for example, homes sit at $1.5 million on average, while homes in upscale Montecito often have an eye-watering $6.5 million asking price.

Cooling Ahead in 2022

The price hikes naturally result from low housing inventory and high demand, which will probably change at least a little in 2022. The always rosy-eyed California Association of Realtors projects that the cost of homes across the state will increase by a rather moderate 5.2 percent. Their housing and economic forecast points to the economic recovery, remote workforce, and overall supply/demand status as the factors driving the continued price increases.

These price increases will likely be tempered by rising interest rates. Mortgage interest rates have continued to stay at historic and unsustainable lows for more than a decade. The likelihood of rates staying at these low levels is extremely low without triggering massive inflation.

The combination of increased inventory coupled with decreased demand due to higher interest rates will likely cause the housing market to cool in 2022.

Should you buy now?

If you have the means and truly want to buy a home in California, consider getting all your ducks in a row and taking the plunge. Over the long run, California home prices have continued to march ever upward, after all, as California continues to attract people from far and wide. While rates will likely rise significantly in 2022 and there might be short-term downward pressure on prices this will only be for a period until prices rise again.

Timing the market is an impossible feat.

Not sure if it’s smart to start looking for a home to buy? Reach out to me at the office or through Instagram direct message.

Either I or a member of my team will be able to guide you appropriately. We can discuss your options and help guide you through your home buying journey.

If you’re reading this as you study for the California real estate exam I suggest you read more of my blogs to get acquainted with the real estate market.



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