Safety tips for homeowners

Safety Tips To Keep Your New Home Secure

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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Safety tips to keep your

As a real estate agent, your clients may ask you for tips in order to keep the home you just sold them safe. It's important to take safety seriously, and for many buyers this may mean more than simply locking doors at night.

There are some best practices around safety that should be top of mind as you help buyers with after sale service.

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Recommend Your Clients Change All the Locks When They Move In

In all likelihood, lots of people have touched the keys to the home before you closed escrow. From other agents, appraisers, termite companies and vendors you don't know who might have a current key. So for obvious reasons, buyers should change the locks right at the close or certainly before they move in and start remodeling.

While changing locks isn’t something that we necessarily teach in real estate school it is a basic thing that should be done.

Conceal Alarm System Wiring

Many clients elect to install an alarm system after the property closes. During the install it’s important to remind the buyers to hide all the wiring thereby greatly lowering the risk of someone cutting it to disable the alarm. Taking the time to hide wiring is much safer, even if it costs a little more for installation.

In all likelihood, if the buyer is using a professional installation company they will hide wires for the client but in the event the client buys a wired system on Amazon or something, they might need to be reminded to conceal them.

Landscape With Safety in Mind

Remind the buyer that when they landscape their new home make sure to keep entryways clear. Large bushes right up against the house, especially near the doors, are prime places for criminals to hide.

Tell Your Clients - Get To Know Neighbors

Neighbors tend to look out for properties in the neighborhood and while your buyer doesn’t have to become best friends with others in your neighborhood it's a good idea to be on (at least) speaking terms with as many of them as possible.

Light Up Any Dark Areas

If there are big pockets of darkness around the home it's generally worth the cost to put up some lights. Most people who break into homes and commit similar types of crimes do so when there's an easy opportunity for them. If the home is well lit criminals are less likely to see it as a good target.

Set a Safety Routine

It's a good idea for all of us to get in the habit of safety to properly protect our home and its contents. Simple steps like a nightly check of all the doors and windows, along with setting a schedule for checking things like smoke alarms, outside lights, and the alarm system.

By following some simple safety precautions your clients can feel secure in your space, reduce theft and get more enjoyment out of their new home.



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