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Getting started in the real estate business

An interview with ADHI Schools' administrative manager

Interviewing adhi schools administrative manager

The following is an interview with Sophia Lopez, the administrative manager of ADHI Schools. She is a licensed real estate salesperson and has been with the company since 2005. Q: How did you end up working


Establishing legal presence


In order to obtain a real estate license in California, you must prove that you have legal presence in the United States. This basically means that you must be here legally. There are a few different

Real estate licensing stuff

Latest Department of Real Estate statistics


td { padding:10px;}These are as of September 2008 from the Department of Real Estate websiteSeptember 2008 This month Last month 12 months ago 24 months ago Licensee Population: Brokers

Real estate licensing stuff

What's on the real estate salespersons exam?


According to the Department of Real Estate, the salespersons examination consists of the following topics with the following distribution of questions in percentage terms:Property Ownership and Land Use

Real estate licensing stuff

What is Livescan?

Digital fingerprint

Livescan fingerprinting is an electronic method of capturing and distributing fingerprints. The Department of Real Estate requires that all applicants for a salesperson or broker license have a Livescan

Getting started in the real estate business

An interview with a former ADHI student

Video recording interview with past adhi schools student

Nicole Lindler is a 23 year old graduate of ADHI Schools. Here is a little bit of our interview for this blog:Q: How did you hear about our program?A: I got referred by a friend who also took the classes

Getting started in the real estate business

Breakfast with a Prudential Real Estate Legend

Breakfast dishes hashbrowns scrambled eggs pancakes

The Prudential Legend award is given to Prudential real estate agents that have achieved Chairman's Circle at least 5 times. Currently, Chairman's Circle is at least $300,000 in income or 70 residential

Getting started in the real estate business

I'm getting into real estate... Should I get a new car?

Line of new mercedes benz cars at car dealership

Ughh. The age old question. Real estate is all about image and flash, isn't it? I say hell no! As long as your car has the following you should be fine:Air conditioningHeatingKEPT CLEAN AT ALL TIMESThere

Real estate licensing stuff

Can I obtain a real estate license if I have background issues?

Criminal background check paperwork being filled out

Well, the short answer to this is - it depends. First of all, I am not the Department of Real Estate and have no idea whether or not the DRE will approve or deny YOUR specific circumstance. However,

Real estate market analysis

Is the real estate market still strong?!

For sale sign in front of white and brown bungalow house

As some of you may know, I don't just teach the real estate courses. I am a real estate broker that has actively bought/sold/represented over the last 6+ years. The president of a large real estate company