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What is Livescan?

Digital fingerprint
By Kartik Subramaniam, October 23, 2008

Livescan fingerprinting is an electronic method of capturing and distributing fingerprints. The Department of Real Estate requires that all applicants for a salesperson or broker license have a Livescan

Real estate licensing stuff

Can I obtain a real estate license if I have background issues?

Criminal background check paperwork being filled out
By Kartik Subramaniam, October 11, 2008

Well, the short answer to this is - it depends. First of all, I am not the Department of Real Estate and have no idea whether or not the DRE will approve or deny YOUR specific circumstance. However,

Real estate licensing stuff

Are you a lawyer that wants a real estate license in California?

Lawyer studying for the real estate license exam
By Kartik Subramaniam, September 23, 2008

OK here's the deal, if you are a licensed attorney (that means you have a California bar card) you can step right into the brokers exam without taking any of the 8 college level classes that would normally